Building technology-driven content and revenue solutions for leading media partners.

About Us

Aggrego / Headlines Network is focused on quality and integrity in news and content. We have designed a highly scalable model that harnesses technology and traditional editorial curation.

We’ve built this model to be open for as wide a diversity of news and content sources as possible - all are welcome. Importantly, we have built the underlying system with checks and balances; we have a process and operational flow built for huge scale and real-time editorial monitoring, feedback and curation.

Our investors are Belo Corporation, BH Media Group, Digicel, GateHouse Media, Hearst Newspapers, Lee Enterprises, The McClatchy Company, Morris Communications, Swift Communications and Wrapports.

Our objective is to build a big, robust, high-quality and profitable content network/exchange, similar to the network models built at Classified Ventures,,, etc. Aggrego is the name of our company and Headlines Network is our consumer-facing brand.

Our Investors